01 September 2017

Supermicro X10SDV IPMI firmware update, iKVM over HTML5 included!!

I own a homelab server based on a Supermicro X10SDV motherboard. I haven't been paying attention to the latest IPMI firmware updates lately and that's a real shame. In June, Supermicro finally released the update that enables iKVM over HTML5. You read that right, no more Java!

On the main page for my motherboard (http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/Xeon/D/X10SDV-6C-TLN4F.cfm) I was able to download the fresh version 3.58 of Redfish.
Since my homelab is running Microsoft Server 2016 at the moment, installing this firmware is a breeze. In the downloaded ZIP file you'll find a simple firmware flash utility.
I simply copied the .BIN file into the utility folder and ran the executable with the right parameters (in an elevated command prompt, just to be sure). Since it's a local KCS connection, there are no authentication or network transfer issues.

The installation itself took a few minutes and after that, you will be able to use the shiny new HTML5 console!
To show you what this looks like, the picture below displays the remote console as well as the command used to update the firmware.

And before you ask: Yes, this works on a mobile device! Here are some screenshots of my Android phone using the HTML5 console.

Any reason get rid of Java is a reason for cake! I really dislike those Ask! toolbars.
So far I haven't run in to any issues so I recommend any and all users of a X10 generation Supermicro motherboard to go and check if the IPMI firmware update is available for them.