12 July 2016

Start of a blog

So this is the start of a blog. What do I hope to achieve by maintaining this blog? Mostly an archive of my own findings and solutions while doing my work. If you like what you read, great! Maybe you'll like some other posts as well. Have a look.

About me
I work for a Managed Service Provider in the IT space for ten years and counting. While most content will be work related, opinions are my own and do not reflect the position and/or opinion of my employer.
You can also find me on.
Since I work for an MSP (Managed Service Provider) in the Netherlands, most of the content will cover IT topics and related technology. In recent years I've been focusing on storage and server virtualization. Since this is the corner of IT where I spend most of my time, I expect the majority of content to cover this area.
Homelabs in general and improving mine in particular takes up a lot of my time at home. I spend many evenings tinkering away at systems I'll probably never use. Some of this research and/or interesting findings will be posted as well. Some posts might be considered failures from the start because of the ludicrous ideas that are tried and tested anyway. Warning, not all tests have a happy ending. 

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